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Finally, the list you've been waiting for....


Here are the wellness products and books (with affiliate links) that I have been recommending to my patients for years.   AND my favorite self-care and style finds. 

I'll be updating often, so check back soon!


health & Wellness

Enjoy a 10% DISCOUNT on all vitamins, supplements, and supplies including those I most frequently recommend, by clicking

on the Wellevate link to the left.  I prefer these particular

products and brands because the companies voluntarily and

independently inspect for quality and accuracy of labeling.  



Any questions, let me know at drlex@drlexrx.com

Please remember that you NEED to discuss all supplements and medications, even over-the-counters with your doctor.  Many supplements interact with other medicines or can have unwanted side effects.  In no way, should this list of supplements be construed as personalized recommendation.


Sombra Warm Roll-On
Topical pain reliever
ElastoGel Sinus Mask
Use warm or cold for sinus relief
Massage Roller
For forearms and IT bands
Foot & Ankle Rocker
Great for plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis
Magnesium Glycinate
Neti Pot
For sinus decongesting
Foam Roller
Patella CutOut Knee Brace
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Self-Care & Style

Tank Dress
Adidas Courtset Gray
THE most comfortable
Wrap Dress
Pink Wedgies
Comfiest T Shirt Dress
Scrunchies are back
Boho Dress
Statement Earrings
Goddess SwimSuit
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Books & Audio

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