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Hey there! Nice to meetchya! And thanks for stopping by...

I am Dr. Alexis Hugelmeyer, but my friends and patients call me Dr. Lex.  I'm a wife, mother to three little pixies and a physician with a penchant for prevention.  After ten years of practicing traditional medicine, I am bringing a new kind of prescription for health and wellness into the your living room!


A board certified Family Physician by training,  I have been practicing both inpatient hospital medicine and outpatient wellness medicine for ten years.  Now, I would like to welcome you to my online health education practice, DrLexRx.  The Rx in the name is a natural non-medication prescription for your wellness.  Here you'll learn about the TLC, Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes you need to make to improve your health, wellbeing and longevity.  By making these changes, you can live a longer, more connected and meaningful life.   In this new wellness community, you’ll find health information, courses, resources, reviews and more.  In the future, you'll be able to schedule virtual health consultations from anywhere in the world.   And through my programs, you will receive the education, support and accountability required to activate your health all in the comfortable learning atmosphere of your own home! 


I am honored and privileged to help people around the globe with my innovative, action-oriented approach to finding true wellness. 

I look forward to getting to know you soon...

what people are saying

Mary B. 

Dr. H was not only my doctor, she was like a friend to my family.  She cared for us the way she would care for her own family. 

Annabella S.

Dr. Hugelmeyer's approach to health and wellness is founded in education.  She helped me explore all of my options and let me make the best choice for myself.

Jana V.

Alexis coached my group through twelve weeks of self-discovery and growth. She helped us take personal inventory and taught us how to make meaningful change.  

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